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1541061321165921.pngOur quality awareness stems from the roots of our being. Each product is produced as per customer specifications meeting or exceeding applicable codes and standards. Each product is inspected and related documents are maintained to ensure the compliance. Additional testing and Third Party Inspection Agency can be offered if required by customer for further assurance. We are always concentrated on improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems.

Our quality system is documented in a Quality Assurance Manual that is based on the ISO 9001 standard certified by China Federation of Logistics Certification Center.

We maintain strict controls according to our specific written procedures and client specifications during all phases of manufacturing of our products ensuring full materials traceability and top quality.

Customer satisfaction

Quality service and customer satisfaction are the main objectives for the company’s employees and they are guaranteed by a continuous program of on-the-job training and continually controlled by a system of questionnaires filled out by the clients. Our investment in new machinery and equipment aims at the constant improvement of production cycles in order to obtain a steady reduction in product costs and on-time or just-in-time deliveries to any location worldwide.

Major Inspection and Test Equipment

Computer Controlled Microscope Projector

  Applicable Typical Produtcs: Low Fin Tube, 

Extruded Fin Tube, Embedded Fin Tube etc...

Penetration Mirror Microscope

Applicable Typical Produtcs: 

The Weld Deposition Efficiency Test 

of HF Welded Steel Fin Tube

Jiangyin City Kipack Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.Jiangyin City Kipack Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Computer Controlled Pull-off / Tensile Tester

 Applicable Typical Produtcs: HF Welded Steel

 Fin Tube , Square & Recatngular H/HH Welded Fin Tube

Portable PMI of Raw Materials
Jiangyin City Kipack Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.Jiangyin City Kipack Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Quality Control

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