HF Spiral Finned Tube

The steel fin, that may be solid or serrated, is helically wound and continuously welded to the tube by high frequency electric resistance welding(HFERW).

Tube O.D. : 16 to 273 (mm)
Tube Wall Thk. : 2 to 28.6 (mm)
Tube Length : ≤28,000 (mm)
Fin Thickness : 0.5 to 3.5 (mm)
Fin Height : 8 to 35 (mm)
Fin Pitch : 33 to 333 FPM
Fin Type : Solid, “U”or“V” Serrated
Fin Material : C.S., S.S., A.S.
Tube Material : C.S., S.S., A.S.

Product features

Finned tubes are used in applications involving the transfer of heat from a hot fluid to a colder fluid through a tube wall. The whole concept of finned tubes is to increase the outside surface area of the tube. By increasing the outside surface area of the tube, the overall heat transfer rate is increased, thereby reducing the total number of tubes required for a given application. This reduces the overall equipment size and the cost of the project. In many cases, one finned tube replaces six or more bare tubes at less than 1/3 the cost and ¼ the volume.

There are some applications for which one or the other fin type is preferred. While in some cases fouling and cleaning considerations will favour solid fins, serrated fins are superior with respect to weight, compactness and price.

Welding Process


The steel fin, that may be solid or serrated, is helically wound and continuously welded to the tube by high frequency electric resistance welding(HFERW). This produces an homogeneous, clean and continuous fin-to-tube bond with no additional weld material, for a very efficient heat flow and resistance to corrosion.

The use of high-frequency current results in very localized heating of the tube surface and the edge of the fin. This skin effect produces higher weld speeds, hence post-weld heat treatment is not considered necessary because of the superficial nature of the changes in the microstructure.

Production Capacity

Total four(4) PLC high frequency welded spiral finning lines, monthly production capacity is 800 tons in total.

Dimension and Material

The following table shows Simcan’s manufacturing capabilities: 

Tube O.D.:

16 to 273 (mm)

3/8” to 10”(NPS)

Tube Wall Thk.:

2 to 28.6 (mm)

0.08” to 1.1”

Tube Length:

≤28,000 (mm)

≤92 ft

Fin Thk.:

0.5 to 3.5 (mm)

0.02” to 0.14”

Fin Height:

8 to 35 (mm)

0.31” to 1.3”

Fin Pitch:

3 to 333 FPM

1 to 8 FPI

Fin Type:

Solid, “U”or“V” Serrated

Stud Material:

  • C.S. (most common grade: 08F)

  • S.S. (most common grade are AISI 304, 316, 409, 410, 321,347 )

Tube Material:

  • C.S. (most common grade: A106 Gr.B)

  • S.S. (most common grade are TP304, 316, 321, 347 )

  • A.S.(most common grade are T/P5,9,11,22,91 )

* This table is used as a general guide to our capabilities, please call us for any other customized cases.

Codes and Standards

  • HG/T 3181-2009 High Frequency Resistance Welded Spiral Fin Tubes

  • International Standard For Dimensions, Tolerances and Tests of High Frequency Resistance Welded Fins

  • Client’s Requirements or Technical Agreement if any

Surface Treatment and Protection1540959392566180.jpg

Each tube except stainless material will be polished by polishing machine to near white condition before welding.

After welding, the finned tubes will be coated with anti-rust oil for transportation and site storage purpose, normally the coat will provide a period of 3 months prevention, any other coating material for longer prevention is also available as per clients’ requirements.


Each package is designed and made according to seaworthy packing standard and clients’ handling and lifting capability.

Finned tubes will be packed into steel frameworks and wrapped with weather proof PE film and plywood board covering up. In addition, each row of finned tubes will be isolated from adjacent with plywood bar to prevent rigid impact during transportation. For all exporting packages, we only use plywood instead of wood for fumigation free purpose.   


As a professional supplier, Simcan does not only manufactures products but also has full capability on preparing and submitting documents as listed below but not limited to:

Before Fabrication

  • Design and Fabrication Schedule

  • Drawings and data

  • Fabrication Procedures including WPS, PQR

  • Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)

During Fabrication

  • Daily, weekly or monthly progress report

After Fabrication

A complete set of final archive including

  • Raw Material Mill Certificates

  • Product Conformity Certificate

  • Inspection Reports including Material Receipt Inspection Report, Test Report etc.

  • Test report by world reputable third party such as TÜV, BV, SGS, Lloyd's, ABS, Intertek(Moody), Shanghai Jorson etc. if any

  • Packing List and Proforma Invoice

  • Certificate of Origin or any other documentation mandatory for clients’ customs clearance or tax preference


Simcan's finned tubes are generally installed in the convection sections and boilers, heat exchangers involving the transfer of heat from a hot fluid to a colder fluid through a tube wall.



Convection section-Finned TubesSteam Superheater-Convection section-Finned Tubes



Air Prehater-Finned TubesHeat Exchanger-Finned Tubes



PVE Gloves Production Line-Solid Finned TubesVegetable Greenhouses-Serrated Finned Tubes

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